The Architects

David M. Schwarz Architects

David M. Schwarz Architects, Inc. is a design-oriented firm whose notable work in Dallas includes The Ballpark at Arlington, Sundance Square, Southlake Town Square and the original Brownstones. Much early work in historic preservation imbued the firm with an appreciation for the expressive character that can be conveyed by buildings. Over the years, the firm has developed skill and sensitivity in the use of architectural design features to make buildings that engage their users in meaningful dialogue concerning form and function, tradition and innovation, relation to human scale and surroundings, proportion, detail and materials, and civic life – buildings that enrich and improve the quality of life. We believe in crafting places for people through careful attention to questions of scale, materials, and detail.


Bennett Benner Partners is a multidisciplinary design firm frequently sought after as a partner by other design firms in order to provide careful execution of complex projects. At Town Square, Bennett Benner Partners works hand in hand with the David M. Schwarz team to detail Brownstone homes that are unique reflections of the spirit and lifestyle of their owners. They enjoy the process of working with owners to understand their vision and personality, and expressing them in their homes.