Team: New Luxury Condominium Homes in Southlake | The Parkview Residences at Southlake Town Square


The Developers

The Garden District is part of Southlake Town Square, which has been planned and built from the ground up by Cooper and Company. Town Square’s mixed use development plan is in the spirit of the world’s best downtowns. It exemplifies Cooper and Company’s approach to mixed-use communities in the United States and New Zealand, where an emphasis on culture, community, and environment and a long-term, sustainable approach to planning has created extraordinary living and working environments. Now in its 23rd year of planning and development, Town Square has become a home and a destination for businesses, customers, visitors and residents who appreciate development on a human scale, with a sense of place, ensuring a high quality of life.

For The Parkview Residences, Cooper and Company have joined together with The Marquis Group, based in Plano, Texas. The Marquis Group have been developing landmarks throughout the DFW area for the past twenty years. Best known for the successful development of Montgomery Plaza in Fort Worth, Marquis believes that Southlake Town Square offers an amazing opportunity to create luxurious condominium residences in a truly walkable community – at the very heart of the region’s most vibrant community.

The Builder

For the past 48 years, Jordan Foster Construction has been building Texas. Financial strength and experience are the hallmarks of the company, with a $450-million bonding capacity and team members well-versed in all facets of construction.

An award-winning leader in the construction industry, Jordan Foster has completed more than $8 billion of commercial, residential, infrastructure, concrete and federal work since its inception in 1969. In 2011, Jordan Foster earned first place in AGC’s National Construction Safety Excellence Award program.

The company’s advanced planning in the preconstruction phase gives them an edge in developing efficient site logistics. Detailed Safety and Quality Control plans create efficient and safe work environments and the ability to deliver high-end projects right the first time.

Multifamily Executive recently ranked the Residential Group the 7th largest Multifamily General Contractor in the nation. Residential capabilities include multifamily high-rise, garden-style, and four-story wrap apartments, along with senior, student, military, and workforce housing. Significant HUD and tax credit experience facilitates the process for owners.

The Design Architect

David M. Schwarz Architects, Inc. is a design-oriented firm whose notable work in Dallas includes The Ballpark at Arlington, Sundance Square, Southlake Town Square and the original Brownstones. Much early work in historic preservation imbued the firm with an appreciation for the expressive character that can be conveyed by buildings. Over the years, the firm has developed skill and sensitivity in the use of architectural design features to make buildings that engage their users in meaningful dialogue concerning form and function, tradition and innovation, relation to human scale and surroundings, proportion, detail and materials, and civic life – buildings that enrich and improve the quality of life. We believe in crafting places for people through careful attention to questions of scale, materials, and detail.

The Production Architect

WDG provides architecture, master planning and interior design from their offices in Washington, DC and Dallas, TX. Their award-winning work can be found in major metropolitan areas around the United States as well as overseas. WDG has a staff of more than 150, and have produced more than 500 major buildings, including commercial office, multifamily residential, higher education, institutional, hospitality, and mixed-use projects since their inception in 1938.

The Landscapers

Highland Landscaping is responsible for installing and maintaining some of the finest displays of landscaping in Southlake and its surrounding communities. Their skilled team executed on the planning and landscaping for the Brian R. Stebbins Memorial Park, located in the center of The Garden District at Southlake Town Square. With over 50 different species of native and adaptive plants that are water wise and drought tolerant, their team specifically identified plants that provide interest at various points throughout the year, which creates a different park experience with each season.

The Sales and Marketing Team

PowerPlay Destination Properties Inc. provides end-to-end real estate sales and marketing services. PowerPlay prides itself on taking a professional, dedicated approach to marketing success by building honest, transparent, and trusting relationships with buyers seeking genuine value in both a home and the transaction.

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