Why Do You Need an Auto Accident Lawyer?

Auto Accident Lawyer

A car accident happens. You are feeling hurt, scared, and frustrated. You are not certain of the next steps you should take, or how to get insurance to pay for your injuries or your car. You might be thinking: “Do I need a lawyer? Should I hire a lawyer? What does a lawyer do?”

A Philly car accident lawyer can provide you with several services during the course of your auto accident claim. Not only will they provide you with legal advice, but they can also manage your claim, deal with the insurance companies, and represent your interests. By acting on your behalf, not only does a car accident attorney represent and work for you, but they also give you room to heal following a traumatic event.

So, why do you need an auto accident lawyer? For their knowledge, experience, and advocacy.


Getting the right legal advice can be crucial for maximizing your compensation. Auto accident lawyers are licensed professionals, educated about the law. Besides their knowledge of Pennsylvania law, they also understand how the car accident claim process works. This can become even more important in the event you need to file a lawsuit.

Pennsylvania has just a two-year statute of limitations for personal injury cases, meaning that you only have that time to file a lawsuit after being injured. An attorney can help you understand when the statute will run on your case and how to preserve your claim.


Auto accident lawyers are experienced with handling these types of insurance claims and lawsuits. The other side has adjustors and lawyers who are experienced as well. Your lawyer can bring their skills into the negotiations and fight for the compensation you deserve.

Additionally, they can help you know what to expect based on their own past experiences. Many car accident victims feel in the dark about the process: how to file a claim, what happens after they file a claim, when they will get paid, etc. Your lawyer can explain this and help you gauge your expectations.


By hiring a car accident attorney, you are hiring an advocate. As an advocate, they are working in your best interests and fighting on your behalf. Your lawyer will use their above-mentioned knowledge and experience to represent your interests. This can be critical for maximizing your compensation and timely settlement. Just as importantly, having a skilled attorney working on your behalf can give you space and time to heal, rather than dealing with insurance companies and other parties.

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An auto accident lawyer provides their clients with knowledge, experience, and advocacy. They help guide car accident victims through the process, help them understand their potential compensation, and work for them. This can bring peace of mind to those who are struggling to recover after an accident. Hiring a lawyer is not just hiring representation, it is giving yourself room to recuperate and adjust back to day-to-day life.

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